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30A Golf Cart Rentals

30A Golf Cart Rentals

Destin & 30A Golf Cart Rentals:

The Rental Shop is a Five Star rated company, and offers nice, and competitively priced golf cart rentals. They offer rentals and delivery in the Miramar Beach area of Destin, Santa Rosa Beach, and some parts of Panama City Beach, Florida.

Free Delivery on 30A/Destin/Panama City Beach Golf Cart Rentals:

All golf cart rentals are DELIVERED FOR FREE along highway 30A and surrounding areas. This includes free delivery to the following beach towns along scenic highway 30A in Santa Rosa Beach: Dune Allen Beach, Blue Mountain Beach, Grayton Beach. Watercolor, Seaside, Seagrove Beach, Alys Beach, Seacrest Beach, Watersound, Rosemary Beach, Inlet Beach, Miramar Beach. Some communities have restrictions and do not allow golf carts. Please check with the owner of your rental home to see if rental golf carts are allowed in the community.

Why choose us?

The owners have very high standards in their  kayak, paddle board, and golf cart rentals. They always purchase new items annually, and clean items in between rentals. The owners do not rent out rough looking carts, rusted, or rough golf carts. They choose quality over quantity for their golf cart rentals. The owners believe in top notch service and this is how they have gained over 100 five star reviews. Clients can choose to book their golf carts online or over the phone. 

Brand New Golf cart Rentals means less break downs and hassles for clients:

Nothing would be more frustrating than renting a golf cart for your vacation and upon arrival to your rental home you see an old broke down looking cart.

The Rental Shop buys NEW golf carts so that clients have a great time on the golf cart during their rental period. The reason clients enjoy new golf cart rentals is that the batteries are in better condition, and the golf cart can drive faster, and further. This also means that the golf cart doesnt drive slow and die when clients are on the road. The owners have seen golf carts broken down along highway 30A, and carts that go so slow, they really shouldnt be on the road. NOT WITH THE RENTAL SHOP. All carts ride great and at the appropriate speeds for clients satisfaction. 

Quality over Quantity: Good reputation

All (LSV) golf cart rentals are new for clients comfort. The owners want their clients to have a comfortable ride and that is why they chose this option for their clients. By offering new golf carts it actually means less rentals for the owners because the golf carts are longer and take up more space in storage, and for transportation purposes, however the owners do this for the satisfaction of their clients!

Choose from different sizes:

The Rental Shop 30A offers 4, 6, and 8 person golf cart rentals. All golf carts are street legal in the state of Florida and are considered a street legal vehicle. Drivers must have a valid drivers license. 

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Show 1 Item(s)