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Tagalong tandem Bike Carrier


1 Week: $55.00  

1 Week: $55.00  

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Recommended for ages 4 to 9 years old. This tagalong detaches very easily from the bicycle and has one of the best pivot systems around. The Sync Link Pivot System allows for one of the smoothest rides on the market. If this is attached to another bicycle other than The Rental Shops bicycle there is an extra $10 per bike fee.

Bikes has many uses in the lives of human beings. These can be used for exercise, pleasure and at the same time as a form of communication and transportation. Bikes have many purposes making our life easier and convenient. Bikes having unique forms and styles would really be a head-turner in town when used. This would make the bike owners to become confident riding the bike knowing that there many people who become happy seeing the kind of bike that they have.

The Rental Shop offers bikes that are unique for children who are looking for a one of a kind bike. One of the many bikes that they offer is the Tagalong Bike Carrier. This bike is advisable for children with the age that ranges from 4 to 9 years old. The tagalong is easily detachable from bicycle itself that has pivot systems. This allows to have smoothest rides that can be found on markets and bike stores. Attaching this with another bike would give the renter to pay an extra amount of money which cost $10 every bike fee.

Tagalong Bike Carriers require the riders especially the children to wear gears and be aware on the conditions of the road in order to avoid accidents that may happen. Bumps, uneven pavement and potholes are the main causes of the accidents that is why beware of those. Make sure that when the child is riding this kind of bike that they should not lean unsafely on the side while they are being pulled for safety purposes. Parental guidance is important for the child who are riding this kind of bike.

This kind of bike offered by rental shop would surely bring adventure on the part of the riders. Bike riders should bear in mind that they should always think of their safety every time they would ride a bike. For children who are still in the training process, the parents should monitor them properly in order to avoid uncertainties that may result to damage not only on the bike but also on the part of the children. Riding a bike is not an easy task. It takes time in order to learn the basic steps that is why enough patience is needed to learn the important things that are needed. Riding a bike really bring satisfaction on the riders that is why bike should always in its proper condition in order to use it for a longer period time. The Rental Shop would assure you that their Tagalong Bike Carrier would give the riders the best ride ever. This kind of bike should be given proper care to avoid any form of damage.

The Rental Shop is a one stop shop that would really satisfy different customers who need different products. They want happy customers because it is a sign that their products have good qualities that come in affordable prices. If you are looking for best rentals in town, come and visit The Rental Shop and be amaze on what it would give you. If you are not yet convinced that their products are worthy, try one now and speak for yourself.
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