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Double Toddler Bike Trailer Rental


1 Week: $55.00  

1 Week: $55.00  

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DOUBLE toddler trailer

Pull behind trailer can hold one or two kids up to 100 lbs. If requested we can include a front wheel to convert the trailer into a Double or Single Jogger.

Don’t you have a toddler bike? You need to have one for your kids. Carrying them will be very difficult on your part. If you are doing it for a few hours, it is very tiring and it will be so hot for your kids so there is a need to use it now; however, if you cannot afford to purchase a toddler bike, you can rent it from many shops. But, if you want a reliable one you can go for the rental shop.

The rental shop has many great options to its customers, there are many baby furniture that will let you find your needs. One of those is the toddler bike trailer. This can hold one or even two children up to 100 lbs., but make sure that you will not lay a 1 year old infant and below on it because it can cause harm to your baby. You must read patiently the precaution included on this product. It is a way of avoiding injury that may happen when you ride your children in a carrier or a trailer. The rough terrain or bumps on the road can cause it so you have to use a helmet that is included.

There is no additional pay for that, in fact the amount you will pay for a toddler bike trailer encompasses the payment for the helmet. If you do not want a single jogger, you can request the rental shop for a double wheel. In fact, they can include a wheel that is being placed in front so that you can make it into double or single jogger once you have requested.

The rental shop wants all of their customers to always practice safety so that you can avoid possible accidents like physical injury and you do not want it to happen to your kids. You must also be familiar with the road conditions to complete the safety of your children. If you’ll try to take a glimpse on some parents, they are pulling their kids in an open toddler trailer without wearing a helmet. The kids are not correctly strapped in, not aware of the bumps that cause the children to shake more often, and more.

This should not be done because it has a negative effect on your children so you have to be very much careful with this. The safety accessories is included once you rent one from the rental shop. All you have to do is to be sure that you use it when you ride your children in a trailer on the road.

The price is not that expensive. It varies on how many days or weeks you’ll rent the bike. If you will rent it for a short time, your payment is low, but when you will rent it for a long time, you will pay more. So it really depends. If you are thinking that it has an additional payment when it comes to shipping, it does not have. It is for free. Thus, if you are planning to rent a toddler bike trailer, you must go for the rental shop. And if you have other concerns, you can really trust this.
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