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Serving Sandestin, Miramar, Dune Allen Beach, Blue Mountain Beach, Grayton Beach, Watercolor, Seaside, Seagrove Beach, Watersound, Seacrest Beach, Rosemary Beach




The Rental Shop Destin & 30A paddle board rentals begin at $65 per day and $170 per week. Scroll down to see pictures, pricing, and information about each paddle board rental. CLICK ON EACH PRODUCT BOX BELOW FOR FURTHER DETAILS!

The Rental Shop has the fastest delivery times! With their early mornings, and custom built trailers they can get on the road faster. Locks, and PFD's are always provided to keep paddle boards safe! PLEASE DO NOT SURF WITH PADDLE BOARDS.

What makes The Rental Shop unique?

The Rental Shop is the only specialty stand up paddle board rental company in the Santa Rosa Beach/30A, Miramar Beach, and Sandestin areas of South Walton, Florida. Gone are the days where you call a company, wondering what type of paddle board will arrive. The Rental Shop doesnt buy the cheapest used boards they can find off craigslist or from the big box stores. They are a company known for high standards and the companies positive reviews prove it. The owners shop around until they find the best boards available on the market and then they buy x amount of each model and size directly from the maufacturer so that their clients of all sizes can enjoy their paddle boarding adventure. From the summer of 2016 the owners realized they needed to reach out beyond their local area to find a better paddle board manufacturer for their clients. This is when they discovered higher quality boards that were more lightweight, more stable, better looking, performed better in the water (because of their shape), had better deck pads, and carrying handles. This was all for their clients benefit. In fact, the owners spend more on their paddle boards just so their clients can have a better experience on the water. They dont mind spending more on their boards if it means that will have a good name in the area!

Rental Clients receive discounts on paddle board purchases! Daily rentals are AM-PM. Pickups begin at 5 or 6 pm unless discussed otherwise at booking . Boards are delivered to the top of beach accesses, boat ramps, or to the driveway of rental homes. If you need assistance having boards brought to the beach and back up stairs, please ask upon booking. For clients that prefer less carrying of equipment, please consider a drop off at a local dune lake boat ramp. For clients staying in town Saturday to Saturday, weekly paddle board rentals are set for delivery on Sunday morning, unless a different time is discussed. 


What makes their boards better?

  • All boards come in a variety of sizes for all riders in mind. This means that they offer teen friendly paddle board rentals, and boards for large adults. A small teen will need a different board than a 
  • All boards have a textured deck pad so that clients dont have to crunch their toes to stay on the board. This also means less slipping off the board for clients. (Boards with flat deck pads cause this problem)
  • The Rental Shop offers boards that have full deck pads if clients want to take their child with them (Please read: The Rental Shop does not encourage young children to ride on the boards.  Only take a child on the board that could easily swim away if the rider tips the board over)
  • Their SUPS have more volume to them, which means the boards can hold heavier riders and the board will remain more bouyant above the water.
  • All boards are light and are very easy to ride for beginners
  • All boards are brand new. The owners buy extras so they can rotate them throughout the season so they stay new looking 
  • All paddle boards come with an easy to carry handle. Instead of the board having a small handle that only fit the clients knuckles, all boards have a handle that reaches fully under the board in a U shape. 

 Beach towns we deliver in: All of Santa Rosa Beach along scenic highway 30A, Some parts of Panama City beach, Sandestin Resort, Topsl Beach Resort, Topsail Hill State Park, Miramar Beach, and Destin not passing beyond the Destin Commons. All of the beach communities within Santa Rosa Beach known as Dune Allen Beach, Blue Mountain Beach, Grayton Beach, Redfish Village beach accesses, Watercolor, Seaside, Watersound, Seagrove Beach, Alys Beach, Rosemary Beach, Seacrest Beach, Rosemary Beach, Inlet Beach, Carillon Beach. Small delivery fee may apply for certain parts of Panama City beach. Please call with your location to see!

 For families with teens, please consider the inflatable or thermo molded abs plastic boards. They are more teen friendly than the soft top boards!

Its all in the details:

All paddle boards are delivered at the top of beach accesses or to rental home driveways. For clients that need assistance bringing the kayak or paddle board from the top or bottom of the beach please call us for details. 

For fast delivery please call the night before and book your kayak or paddle board rental the next morning. Dont worry about choppy ocean conditions. Staff can meet at Dune Lakes for a fun filled day of exploring the area. For same day deliveries, call first thing in the morning. OUr kayak and paddle board trucks are usually in many areas with extra boats until noon.

For an early morning delivery try calling the night before to be first on the delivery route. Most deliveries have short delivery times if you decide to call morning of for your delivery

One day rental is an AM-PM rental. Daily rental board pickups begin at 6pm

For choppy ocean days try renting a kayak or meeting The Rental Shop at many local Coastal Dune Lakes that are great for paddle boarding or kayaking. Clients can spend hours exploring.

Call 850-260-0001 NOW for Fast and Free Delivery to your favorite local public beach access, your beach vacation rental or one of the local 30A lakes. The Rental Shop has quikcly become a specialty stand up paddle board rental shop. They are the only company in the area to offer just about any type of stand up paddle board rental that anyone would love to ride on!

What you see if what you get!!! All items listed below are the exact items you will receive upon booking! 

Choose from lightweight and super stable inflatables (Only the best...Owner approved!!), soft tops, fiberglass, and plastic paddle boards!

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Show 11 Item(s)

The Rental Shop 30A - 28 Turtle Creek Dr, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459 Phone: 850-260-0001